October mornings 2

and then appeared a cat… and from that roof it looked at me… and then he or she came crossed the street and came to me…it started playing and making fool and fun movements… and it said don´t worry.. don´t worry about the one that ignores you… you are enough… you just are enough… don´t let yourself hurt from others ignoring you… it hurt you that this person doesn´t acknowledge you anymore… but you  know what, forget it… you just go your own way and you know that being yourself other pople will come your way…sararici_october_cat001 sararici_october_cat002 sararici_october_cat003 sararici_october_cat004 sararici_october_cat005 sararici_october_cat006 sararici_october_cat007 sararici_october_cat008

give me strength. give me light. give me breeze. give me sun. but especially give me myself. heal me from ignorance. heal me from healing others and myself. sararici_october_cat009 sararici_october_cat010
sararici_october_cat016 sararici_october_cat017 sararici_october_cat018


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